Sound of Loneliness.. 

It’s very hard to resist and tough to digest….can anybody hear the sound of Loneliness I don’t think so anybody can listen the sound of Loneliness expect myself because I hear each and every moment every aspect, it’s very tough but need to get continue to hear sound of Loneliness… Instead of getting into uncertained relationship better to stay single rather I called it as privileged alone.. Buy it’s not easy to continue to be alone for entire lifetime as I dint expected to be as so… 

I need to be single and I have to be single there is no other choice If I need to spend my rest of life very peacefully.. But how to overcome the pain and struggle getting from loneliness… Sound of Loneliness is very hard to hear but it’s become a part of my life… I need to mold myself and need to continue only with loneliness till my last second of my life…. 


I want my life back which is lost… 

Human life is most valuable among all lives, I too proud as iam human but I have wasted my life with unstable decisions and running behind uncertainties in my life, God gave me lots of opportunities as for a good change but I dint utilized it’s may be my bad luck or anything else but valuable time passed away which I cannot bring back, though I knew I was wrong and need to change myself but to large extent I did mistakes knowingly which is a blunder, if today I turn back and start recall about my past I feel awkward and feeling bad of course what else more can I do at this stage after everything is over and now only pray God at least remaining life should go smoothly without any hiccups henceforth…. It’s all in my hands to make future slightly better by keeping hard past in mind and heart….